How to apply very full coverage makeup to unruly skin or skin conditions and still get a subtle, flawless finish.

Hello everyone!

It has been a very long time since I have blogged on here but I am now back with more content than ever and shall hopefully fill your minds with new information and tips that you may not have already known when it comes to makeup, food and lifestyle when you have a skin condition.

This post is about - how to get the best finish and application when dealing with super full coverage foundations and concealers.

When you have a skin condition, skin care is a must if you don’t want to make it worse. Before you apply makeup to your skin you should always wash your face with a mild soap and water. I recommend a soap that says sensitive on the label and one that has 0 scent to it. These soaps will be very beneficial to you as they are the ones that rid most of the bacteria from your skin. I suggest you steam your face once a weak to really get rid of the surplus, dirt and oils that build up - of course if you can’t do this then a warm flannel resting over the face for 10 minutes will help!

Now - once your face is clean you will want to moisturise, again with a mild moisturiser with little scent, you want to be looking for water as the main ingredient (this will appear first) and look out for things such as retinol and glycerin as these are both good for the skin.

Let the moisturiser set into the skin for 2-3 minutes but you don’t want the skin to be completely dry, it should have some plumpness to it. This will help the the makeup - especially a Kandor Cosmetics Full Coverage Foundation or Concealer glide on effortlessly and also help you with blending! You can use any makeup tool you feel comfortable with or your fingers.

Continue this method in thin layers until your desired coverage is required. When you come to the problem areas, be gentle and pay most attention to these parts, apply the makeup in one direction and go back and go over again swiping in the opposite direction for a clean result. If you feel you look too shiny, gently blot your face with a thin sheet of tissue and then - set. This part is like magic, your wet looking, shiny face will completely transform into a matte, natural looking base! If you are going for a more dewy look then don’t use as much powder. You should coat a big brush into the powder pot and shake off the excess, lightly dust the brush all around your face evenly and you are waterproofed and ready to go about your day!

If you have gone overboard with the powder and don’t have setting spray handy, spritz a bit of water/coconut oil mixture over your face and it will even it all out!

That’s all for today!

Keira x

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