Why I decided to create Kandor Cosmetics...

So, I'm guessing you clicked here for an explanation of why I have decided to take it upon myself to create Kandor!

Personally, I have been struggling with bad skin ever since turning into a teenager. There are barely any products out there especially for bad, sensitive or problem skin. First it started off as really bad spots for years, then when they finally went my body decided it was time to develop.. Vitiligo!

Vitiligo is where skin cells attack themselves and melanin is lost from the skin, creating white patches. My first ever patch was on my face and then from there it took off and spread over various parts of my body. I was devastated... I had barely any self esteem to start with and Vitiligo just got rid of my self esteem completely.

As the Vitiligo spread so did my depression and the more I heard 'there's nothing we can do' and the more failed drugstore coverups, the more I just shut away from life.

One day that all changed, one day I had my first child and one day I had to try and make a change. I made it my goal to help myself and made it my goal to help all the sufferers of other skin conditions struggling with them, and struggling to find something to cover them.

It's not so much hiding who you are but just wanting to feel 'normal' for a day, that one day of 0 questions and 0 funny looks can change how you feel about yourself forever....

Here's how I feel beautiful everyday, and i hope it helps you too!



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