For Best Results:

 Kandor Cosmetics foundations are specifically designed to hide imperfections, so are a very thick consistency and you do not need to use a lot (a pea size amount will go a long way). These are usually used as a base before the concealer to ensure the ULTIMATE coverage. We recommend beginners to use the concealer along side this product for best results but for minor imperfections such as redness and blemishes the foundation will work well alone!

 Because of the thickness of these products, you should apply it in small amounts at a time as over-doing it will make it look very obvious and appear cakey and bring out pores and fine lines. You can build up the coverage by using a sponge to lightly create thin layers to create your desired coverage or you can use your fingers to 'dab' the product onto the affected areas. Be sure to blend for a seamless finish!

A personal preference is using a foundation brush to ‘buff’ out the makeup starting on the problem areas first, and then work the product outwards in to the rest of the skin. After this a powder puff is lightly coated and blotted on top for a perfect matte finish.

Kandor Cosmetics concealers are best used with a brush or damp sponge to cover imperfections which works really well. The concealers act amazingly on their own and only minimal product is needed. They work great on top of the foundations. (It is recommended to pair both for larger or hair bearing areas). Blending is essential to create a flawless look so patience is key! The consistency of the concealer is super thick and provides a very high standard of coverage, able to cover more major skin imperfections for up to 12 hours.

* You may need to play about with application techniques to see what works best for you as application is key to camouflage makeup!