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Kandor Cosmetics gives you the confidence to cover up any skin disorders that you may have that might otherwise make you feel self conscious. The amount of coverage you want is completely in your hands and can be as minimal and thick as you need, depending on how it's applied.

My products give you complete long lasting, waterproof and camouflage coverage. These products are 100% hand-made (from the heart) to order and are hand blended - packed with essential oils, natural ingredients, Vitamin C, SPF and collagen. Kandor can give you any amount of coverage - from minimum up to full without harming, feeling caked on or irritating the skin. The choice is yours on how much coverage your make-up gives.

Kandor Cosmetics are packed with natural goodness including Argan and Jojoba oils, added to stop inflammation, Vitamin C for radiant skin and Collagen for anti-aging benefits (the pigment of Kandor foundation itself is not natural). This is just a small example of some of the greatness included in the products. (see a fuller description in the 'Our Products' section.)

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I am so impressed that you have created a product that makes me look ‘normal’ again!
— Facebook User