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Kandor Cosmetics is an award winning brand of camouflage make-up created from 50% essential and natural oils.


Kandor Cosmetics is a self-love promoting beauty brand emerging from a small town in England. We are here as a choice not a necessity, giving you the option to cover up any skin issues or conditions that may usually make you feel self conscious. The products are very full coverage yet provide your skin a deserved drink whilst hiding any imperfections, erasing that masked on, cakey appearance you may get using other camouflage products. The desired look you want is completely in your hands and can be as minimal or as extreme as you need, depending on you apply it.

We aim to be diverse when it comes to skin tone, but are more than happy to mix shades together for you to get your perfect shade at no extra cost!

The makeup gives you complete long lasting, waterproof camouflage all whilst looking flawless and undetectable on the skin. Kandor Cosmetics has you covered (literally!) when you need that confidence boost to feel your best, or even just that breathable high coverage product you have been searching for - without aggravating or irritating the skin. This is just a small example of some of the greatness included, (see a fuller description in the 'Our Products' section).

I am so impressed that you have created a product that makes me look ‘normal’ again!
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